Robots That Bear Watching

Video One: The Woods on a Snowy Evening

Boston Dynamics’s Atlas robot hikes through the woods in winter, lifts boxes and puts them on shelves, then turns the other cheek in the face of a ruffian human bearing a hockey stick (for the comedic voice-over version, try “Swearing Mod”).

Video Two: Robot Dog Has Its Day

Spot goes for a jaunt, does the dishes, takes out the trash, climbs the stairs and then gets pretty possessive over a beer.

Video Three: Slapstick Robotics

We’re entering the age of the automated vaudvellians.

Video Four: Ex machina machinations


In case you were wondering how close we’re getting to that whole Ex Machina scenario….

Video Five: Underwater Avatars

What do you get when you cross Jacques Cousteau with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle knockoff?


Feature image for this story: Boston Dynamics via YouTube











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