Investment Roundup: AI Is Still Hot


AI Media Firm Closes $50 Million Funding Agreement

AI tech company Veritone closed a $50 million funding agreement with patent investment group Acacia Research Corporation. Veritone’s tech reportedly “renders every second and frame of audio and video content searchable for objects, faces, license plates, logos, phrases, sentiment, voice identification, translation plus additional capabilities that are constantly evolving.” – Link

Machine Learning Startup Closes $6.6 Million Round

Led by existing investor Andreessen Horowitz, SigOpt closed a $6.6 million investment round. The firm uses AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to replace manual trial and error processes. – Link

Poll-Making Bot Firm Closes $1.2 Million Seed Round

The creators of Polly, a poll-making bot, announced the close of a $1.2 million seed round led by Amplify Partners.  Via Polly, employee engineers share their input so management understands the status of any given project. – Link

Tech Giants Are Paying Big Bucks for AI Firms

Google has been a very active investor in AI, with nine acquisitions since 2011. In addition, Twitter, Salesforce, Apple, Intel, Yahoo, IBM, and AOL bought nearly 30 AI startups in the last five years, according to CB Insights. Five acquisitions occurred in 2016. – Link

AI Tool Builder Prepares for Another Round

DimensionalMechanics, a builder of AI tools, raised $4.7 million in venture capital earlier this year. Its CEO says it is preparing for another round that will probably close in 2017. The firms develops off-the-shelf tools so companies don’t need to create their own AI software.- Link

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