WeeklyScan 09/5-9/2016


A cumulative scan of foresight news:

Artificial Intelligence

Monday: A Stanford University research report indicates that the AI revolution will make automated trucks, personal robots and perhaps even new types of flying vehicles common by 2030. – Read more

Tuesday: The University of California at Berkeley has just launched its new Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence, with its primary focus to ensure that AI systems are beneficial to humans. – Read more

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Image by Conrad Poirier

Wednesday: The rise of bigoted machines: It’s white people who win when an AI judges a beauty contest . – Read more

Thursday: Five of the world’s largest tech companies are developing a standard of ethics related to the creation of AIs. They include Google’s parent company, Alphabet, as well as Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft. – Read more

Friday: Deepmind’s “WaveNet” program has learned to speak well, making Google a proud parent and bringing us one step closer to the likes of “Hal,” “Her,” and “Ava”. – Read more

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Monday: The popular mobile app Snapchat is developing a set of augmented reality glasses. – Read more

Tuesday: Global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs forecasts that virtual reality and augmented reality markets will reach $80 billion in revenue by the year 2025.– Read more

Wednesday: Conference shows how VR and AR will help students and trainees pick up new skill more quickly. – Read more

Thursday: VR is about to revolutionize three industries: real estate, gaming and travel. – Read more

Friday: AR may eclipse VR in the short term because there are such low barriers to entry – Read more

Foresight Profession

Monday: The Predictive Analytics World conference is seeking speakers for its spring and summer events.– Read more

Tuesday: Futurist claims that by 2026 human resource functions will be more focused on culture because it is the only factor that cannot be easily replicated.– Read more

Wednesday: The models of election forecasters call the upcoming presidential election. It’ll be fascinating to see which forecasting models get it right.– Read more

Thursday: Aviation leaders will gather in Lake Tahoe to discuss trends that will define the future of the industry. The event is the 21st annual Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit – Read more

Friday: Automated forecasting and budgeting tools are giving hospitality owners and operators ways to optimize profitability – Read more


Monday: Daimler plans to produce six or more electric car models in order to compete with Tesla.– Read more

Tuesday: Startup Modobag has launched an Indiegogo campaign for motorized luggage that people can ride – Read more

Wednesday: Saildrone, a company making autonomous sailing drones, raises $14 million in a Series A round.  – Read more

Thursday: GE is acquiring metal-based 3D printing firms Arcam and SLM Solutions for a combined total of $1.4 billion. Both firms sell to the aerospace and healthcare industries. – Read more

Friday: Chicago is betting on something called the Array of Things, which will start collecting and sharing city data on a micro and macro level. – Read more

Zeta Trends

Monday: A team at Harvard University has created the first autonomous and completely soft untethered robot, called octobot .– Read more

Tuesday: University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have developed the first carbon nanotube transistors capable of surpassing modern silicon.– Read more

Wednesday: Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable energy for 2 months straight.  – Read more

Thursday: Many Millennials are adopting a minimalist lifestyle. They want their spaces decluttered and prefer to buy experiences rather than things. – Read more

Friday: Visit to ‘Armageddon Asteroid’ could save future earth – Read more

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