WeeklyScan 09/12-16/2016


A cumulative scan of foresight news:

Artificial Intelligence

Monday: Meet the artists embracing artificial intelligence. – Read more

Tuesday: SRI International is  making virtual assistants better at understanding our feelings. – Read more

Wednesday: Nvidia, which already has good algorithms for training deep learning, is now purusing the inference part of the market. – Read more

Thursday: AI tech could earn us money while we sleep. – Read more

Friday: Microsoft’s neural network tech allows your keyboard to get better at predicting what you’re about to type . – Read more

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Monday: VR raves tech is breaking new ground – Read morefantazia-1442456-639x804

Tuesday: VR groping” banned at Tokyo Game Show.– Read more

Wednesday: The Home Shopping Network has launched an AR design app that lets users virtually place desired objects in their own home spaces.  – Read more

Thursday: AR will take telecommuting to a new level as it lets colleagues share ideas and collaborate in virtual spaces – Read more

Friday: Tim Cook says AR is bigger than VR, and Apple hires AR experts from Oculus and Magic Leap – Read more

Foresight Profession

Monday: Futurist Ray Kurzweil, who works for Google and co-founded the Singularity University, discusses technology’s exponential progress – Read more

Tuesday: Does Apple disguise its desire for control as “futurism”? – Read more

Wednesday: How do superforecasters think about the future? – Read more

Thursday: The Atlanta Fed drops its Q3 U.S. GDP forecast to 3 percent – Read more

Friday: What are the primary toolkits of predictive analytics practitioners? Richard Boire, Senior Vice President at Environics Analytics, writes his second article on the subject. – Read more


Monday: Sony Corp plans to extend content for its dedicated VR headset into non-gaming areas such as TV and film – Read more

Tuesday: Google-backed blockchain start-up Ripple raises a $55 million Series B from Standard Chartered, Accenture, and others – Read more

Wednesday: 3D printing startup Carbon added $81 million in venture funding to its Series C round from strategic investors, including BMW Group, GE, Nikon and JSR Corp. Earlier backers include GV and Sequoia Capital, among others. – Read more

Thursday: Former members of Google’s self-driving car project have just launched an autonomous car company called Nuro.ai – Read more

Friday: Twitter livestreamed its first Thursday Night NFL game, and Bloomberg reported a generally positive response. – Read more

Zeta Trends

Monday: Venn diagrams show how to start thinking like a futurist.– Read more

Tuesday: A timeline of Earth’s average temperature.– Read more

Wednesday: MIT device can read the pages of a book without opening it – Read more

Thursday: Ten facts about the changing digital news landscape. – Read more

Friday: Why Americans’ trust in the media is at an all-time low – Read more

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