30 Key October Stories in Three Key Techs


October was filled with stories on future-influencing technologies and trends. Below are links to stories and/or presentations in three key categories : AI, AR/VR and predictive analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. IBM’s Big Bet on Artificial Intelligence
  2. Nick Bostrom: Google Is Winning the Race Artificial Intelligence
  3. Artificial Intelligence That Can Learn Is A Step Closer To Reality
  4. Google’s Neural Networks Invent Their Own Encryption
  5. This Online Education Firm Is Offering an Artificial Intelligence Training Program
  6. What Do People — Not Techies, Not Companies — Think About Artificial Intelligence?
  7. Why Mercedes Plans to Let Its Self-Driving Cars Kill Pedestrians in Dicey Situations
  8. AI Agents Like Alexa, Siri, and M Will Create the First Trillion-Dollar Company
  9. Virtuous Machines — How Analytics Will Underpin Artificial Intelligence
  10. The Combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence Will Define Humanity’s Future

Mixed Reality Tech (AR and VR)

  1. Facebook Launches Augmented Reality Selfie “Masks” for Live Video
  2. Virtual And Augmented Reality Become Realistic Revenue Generators
  3. Microsoft CEO Envisions a Whole New Reality
  4. Your Questions Answered: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video
  5. Augmented Reality And Kinect Create Unique Art Experience At Cleveland Museum
  6. Augmented Reality Is Driving Construction’s Creative Reinvention
  7. Google Unveils Daydream View, Its New Virtual Reality Headset
  8. After the Success of Pokémon Go!, What Is the Future for Augmented Reality?
  9. Apple’s Tim Cook Says Augmented Reality, Not VR, Is the Future
  10. The Gigantic List of Augmented Reality Use Cases

Predictive Analytics

  1. The Promise and Peril of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education (A PDF report)
  2. What You Need to Know About Predictive Analytics
  3. The Human-Machine Equation: How Predictive Analytics Equips Doctors to Take Better Care of You
  4. College Admissions Teams Are Ranking Students on a 0-10 Scale Based on Factors They Can’t Control
  5. Is Your Big Data Project a “Weapon of Math Destruction”?
  6. Predictive Analytics Fuel Johns Hopkins ‘Command Center’
  7. Using Big Data And Predictive Analytics To Predict Which Truck Drivers Will Have An Accident
  8. The Predictive Bank of the Future
  9. 6 Predictions About the Future of Predictive Analytics
  10. Lenovo, Nimble Bring Predictive Analytics to the Data Centre

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