WeeklyScan 11/07-11/11/2016


A cumulative scan of foresight news:

Foresight Profession

Monday: Political prognosticators were almost unanimous Clinton would win presidency – Read more

Tuesday: Trump stuns the world – Read more

Wednesday: How did pollsters get Trump, Clinton election so wrong? – Read more

Thursday: Analysis of social media did a better job at predicting Trump’s win than the polls – Read more

Friday: How one pollster correctly predicted both Trump’s victory and Brexit – Read more

Future Workplace

Monday: Slack’s CEO on the future of the fastest growing workplace software ever – Read more

Tuesday: The death of the department – Read more

Wednesday: 2017 may bring less stereotyping and more knowledge to workplace – Read more

Thursday: Where the Australian jobs will be in 2030 – Read more

Friday: Sussing out artificial intelligence’s impact on your job – Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Monday: Why it’s so hard to create unbiased artificial intelligence – Read more

Tuesday: Meet the woman on a mission to make technology emotionally intelligent – Read more

Wednesday: What artificial intelligence can and can’t do right now – Read more

Thursday: Artificial-intelligence system surfs web to improve its performance – Read more

Friday: The best brains: AI systems that predicted Trump’s win – Read more

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Monday: Microsoft’s futuristic HoloLens headset is one of the wildest bits of tech I’ve ever experienced – Read more

Tuesday: Apple patents augmented reality mapping system for iPhone – Read more

Wednesday: After Google’s Daydream launch, brands have short window to experiment with VR – Read more

Thursday: NASA’s HoloLens demo puts researchers on Mars, space station and workbench – Read more

Friday: The rise of virtual sexual assault and cyber-groping in virtual reality gaming – Read more


Monday: The owner of Toutiao, a popular news aggregation app in China, is seeking a valuation of more than $10 billion – Read more

Tuesday: Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s main movie arm plans to spend at least 2 billion yuan ($295 million) investing in Hollywood and Chinese films – Read more

Wednesday: Neo Technology, which has developed tech that can be used to map relationships across various industries and use cases, has raised $36 million in funding to meet that demand – Read more

Thursday: Japanese firm Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. expands to US market – Read more

Friday: Fintech startup MC Payment raises $3.5 million to move into Thailand  – Read more

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