WeeklyScan 11/14-11/18/2016


A cumulative scan of foresight news:

Future Workplace

Monday: Top 10 workplace law developments to expect from the Trump presidency – Read more1024px-us_army_powered_armor

Tuesday: Microsoft survey: The top skills students need for the future workplace – Read more

Wednesday: Why Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Slack tackle the enterprise differently – Read more

Thursday: Exoskeleton systems will change the workplace forever – Read more

Friday: Why Facebook workplace has no future – Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Monday: Facebook’s tech boss on how AI will transform how we interact – Read more

Tuesday: Here’s what artificial intelligence will look like in 2030 – Read more

Wednesday: Why Microsoft is partnering with Elon Musk’s $1 billion artificial intelligence company – Read more

Thursday: Intel wants to make a full court press on artificial intelligence – Read more

Friday: The next global arms race aims to perfect artificial intelligence – Read more

Foresight Profession

Monday: Ten reasons forecasters got the election so very wrong – Read more

Tuesday: Forecasts of President Trump’s first 100 days– Read more

Wednesday: The prof who called the election correctly– Read more

Thursday: Futurist predicts Trump’s Obamacare changes – Read more

Friday: Futurist says infiltration rather than a major cyber-attack is the bigger threat – Read more

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Monday: Apple augmented reality glasses in the works – Read more

Tuesday: The fuzzy future of virtual reality and augmented reality – Read more

Wednesday: You can now fly around Google Earth in virtual reality – Read more

Thursday: Holograms replacing cadavers in training for doctors – Read more

Friday: Intel bets on ‘merged reality’ for its Project Alloy VR headset – Read more


Monday: Employee performance feedback startup Zugata raised a $7 million Series A from General Catalyst and others – Read more

Tuesday: Ad-free aggregate news service Scroll raised $3 million from the New York Times, News Corp, SoftTech and others  – Read more

Wednesday: General Electric acquired IoT data intelligence startup Bit Stew for $153 million – Read more

Thursday: Verizon acquired mapping startup SocialRadar, which will provide location data for businesses – Read more

Friday: IoT company Sigfox raised $160 million in a Series E from Salesforce Ventures, gas giant Total and others  – Read more

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