WeeklyScan 11/21-11/25/2016


A cumulative scan of foresight news:

Future Workplace

Monday: How one clothing company blends AI and human expertise  – Read more

Tuesday: 21st century education for a 21st century economy – Read more

Wednesday: Prepare your workforce for the Automation Age – Read more

Thursday: America’s working age population is finally growing again – Read more

Friday: This software helps employees navigate the benefits labyrinth – Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Monday: Scholars delve deeper into the ethics of artificial intelligence – Read more

Tuesday: Here’s what artificial intelligence will look like in 2030 – Read more

Wednesday: Scientists override fear response in humans using artificial intelligence and hard cash – Read more

Thursday: Google’s AI can now lip read better than humans after watching thousands of hours of TV – Read more

Friday: This scary artificial intelligence has learned how to pick out criminals by their faces – Read more

Foresight Profession

Monday: You can’t beat the shadow channel, so join it, says futurist – Read morehello-future-1500543-640x480

Tuesday: We asked a futurist to predict tomorrow’s cars – Read more

Wednesday: ‘Mystical’ cartoonist predicted these cutting-edge inventions way back in 1991 – Read more

Thursday: Data, data everywhere but does it drive strategic decisions? – Read more

Friday: A futurist explains what Black Mirror’s ‘San Junipero’ episode gets wrong about future tech Read more

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Monday: How augmented reality will change tech experiences Read more

Tuesday: Virtual reality used in new ultrasounds – Read more

Wednesday: Using augmented reality glasses slows down your reaction times – Read more

Thursday: Global augmented reality market will reach USD 133.78 billion by 2021 – Read more

Friday: This spoof Oculus Rift and presents the worst-case scenario for VR fans– Read more


Monday: Google invests $4.5 million in Montreal AI Research – Read more

Tuesday: China selfie app said in talks for $5 billion valuation in IPO  – Read more

Wednesday: Co-working startup Spacemob raises $5.5 million led by Vertex Ventures – Read more

Thursday: BDC Capital launches $135-million venture capital fund for energy, cleantech startups – Read more

Friday: Infosys Innovation Fund invests $4.6 million in Stellaris Venture Partners  – Read more

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