ForesightR is a web-based publication focused on methods and technologies used to anticipate and influence the future. There are various publications that focus on specific professions: predictive analytics pros, pollsters, marketers, researchers, machine learning experts, financial and economic prognosticators, investors, risk managers, intelligence professionals, weather and climate forecasters, futurists and others. ForesightR was created to cover all these beats with an eye toward delineating both commonalities and differences.

Professional silos impede the flow of the information, and one of ForesightR‘s objectives is to free up the kind of information that will allow everyone to improve their forecasting successes. At the same time, ForesightR examines trends, potential dangers, and the possible negative impacts associated with enhanced prediction (e.g., loss of privacy). We want to help ensure that forecasting methods and technologies are leveraged in an ethical manner. ForesightR is a product of Vigoré Publications LLC.